Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pull and Push factor

Many percents of people have rich in son-daughter , land and labour in unfertile area or village. But they have no any idea or lack of skill manpower.

Today world is small or narrow for livining creatures. All are transforming , migrateing their family to fertile fruitful land. They are pushed by unfertile land and pulled by fertile land. They want to get facility more and more of Demand, willing of stocking goods, fund to coming period. They are fashionable and modernity day after day. But various parts of lands are far from this facility or not changing. Espepecially superstitious and conservative people do not follow celibacy so as to make the size of the family smaller. For them, children are divine gift. The development of town is more speed than village. Villagers are called ‘PAKHE’ when they inter town. Cities people say that they are not wise. They can do nothing. In my point this is the cause or reason to migrate. So the government should have to solve problems of village . they are discrimated , dominated underdevelopment because of education. If government wants to be rich, change economy, develop then smothly speedly the government should process to give education. Education which we give in city area means only for rich people or cities’s people. So to participate village people we have to try to give education in his/her area. Otherwise education will not be practical. Inpractically only theoritical education means little knowledge. ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’. It will be a drop in the ocean. It will create more and more dangerous problem. So it’s like the statement a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Nowdays many people are leavining their birthplace to get facility , good knowledge. But it is occuring accident to world. As a result Earth is afraid of dangerous which is come out by the man. It’s not creating by god it was man made. We are killing us, suffering from ourself. One side we are pulling and another side we are pushing. Then the result is here and there. It’s also questioning you.

Human beings are social animal. So we have an idea, skill manpower so we have to use an done before disappear. First of all we have to make school, campus in village. We have to transform cities’s campus in village. Village should be rich than town in school/campus. If it’s done exactly village will develop. From the beginning to built house for campus/school, in village will not take more percent of money and sources. Because many sources are available in village which are not use. We are 2nd richest country in world in water but In town we have to buy water aso. Therefore in village it is survival or it’s free. In cheap amount we can built home for campus / school. It saves poverty of government. Likewise people will transform to village to get job. Education means ‘teacher’ . teacher should be there. There should be shops, institutes, hospital, banks, police station, motor road, transports, telephone, industry, house for rent, ground for playing , park, bus station, vegetable shops, hotels etc. then people get different job, facility, they know how to produce goods. They wanted to produce more and more products. Because they know product means money. They will modernize their produceing method. Likewise doctors, teacher, consumer , seller, buyer, bankers, telecom, driver, helper, shareholder, police, assistant, electricity board, students, farmer etc come outside and show their performances. Uneducated people also try to learn education. They aslo know some knowledge and they understood to handle life beautiful an cross the problems. There is one saying when many people are being cow some people have to be also cow. Like that in educated socitey it is compulsary to be educated. So they explore different method and use. If in city, capital they cannot get choseing study, faculty of agriculter then people see the attraction of village and they also migrate to village . in village they can get various products , goods in cheap price which helps to save income. In village house rent is also cheapest than city level.

Therefore, government have to process it as soon as possible. Only trying to place the government is not main utilized or effectived solution of developing. It is an exactly the far away standing of problems. It’s an escaped or run away far from developing. So to stop pull or push, it’s needed to do something from government side. Or we have to wait YAMRAJ.

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