Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A man and woman can be good friends

  • Justify FullIt is said that ‘a man and woman can never be good friends’. Do you agree with this or not? Can you illustrate why you do or not ?
All are selfish in this world. But people who say we haven’t any boy/girl friend in this 21st century actually they are fool. They are taken as mad and made April fool. Impractical life man/woman are lame without anyone. First of all child will not born without mother. Mother is also a first girl friend of child.Some of the societies in the world don’t regard women friendship. They say women are not wise and they are fall down of man. That kind of man also have girl friend. In society to live gain happy smile or work works and to solve problem there is needed good friend. Most of the world , society both woman man are equally participate. If it is said that ‘a man and woman can never be good friends’ then how it’s possible to live in society and dream or watch beautiful life. If it’s true what and how world is running today. Why world is not destroyed and gone through enemy? They have to fight with each other and now what’s happen we cannot be here or coming days creature will not create or born. It is possible only after being good friends. Good friends means good relation. I am hundred percents sure that people who live in this world where I am also, there all we are dependent to each other. An absence of one, life will not start or run. In this modern age , people are trying to friendship with all creatures; living or non living. They are searching and making new friends day after day so how long they are an except from friendship with woman/man. There is no any side-effect from friendship. Therefore today’s human beings are selfish, where they , we see advantage and advantage in that way we travel. The friendship is that way to get. We are opposite in genders and always our attraction to each other. If we can’t change attraction in friendship then we will be cat and rat , cat and dog, fire and water etc. and it will invite war, dangerous between us. We are as fierce as a tiger when face to face. Anything cannot hidden in telling/showing between two good friends. It helps them. So in great epic ‘Mahabharat’ Bismapitama was unmarried but he had also good female friends like Sataywati (step mother). Laxman plays a good friends role of Sita in Ramayan. Likewise we or you no one can changed/broke the life relation, left journey to journey. So It’s forget Only wife or sexual relation means not define friendship. Good friends mean mother-son, sister-brother, father-daughter, daughter-in –law/brother etc relation also act fully friends. Man and woman can be good friends to handle some project work fast strong and trustful, gain something and get destination. A woman is a vital ornament of the nation and store-house of knowledge. So how man leaves her.
As far as Man and woman both are creature of this world they are moving here and there due to day or night.If man or woman anyone only in this world or woman or man from other world , in this situation only it is possible to alien, I think. I agree the statement ‘ a man and woman can be good friends’.

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