Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One day of student

     Student walks for campus/school. In his/her bag, there will not books, copy. but we can see mobile- phone, mirror, diary, cigarettes, match, glosh etc. They smoke cigarettes between the gap of room to campus. When they reach campus in late time.Then they say,"sir traffic jamm, we haven't get transport, there is accident" etc are the reason for them. But who know that they are sat at teashop and smoke. Someone can be late from house also. Then they enter classroom.All students look his/her face,dress up,walking style, fashion etc. He/she enters like villain. Campus is like a cinema hall.
       Teacher is teaching at that time but he/she is doing extra activities. After some minutes , call has enter at mobile by singing 'Mujhay Pyar Hua'.All students mode go through that boy/girl. Teacher say ,"what are you doing?" Student replies,"Please sorry sir." Then there will n't mode to teach and study. That's why teacher stops the class. If teacher say something student say,"it is democracy/loktantra/ etc. Your work is to teach only not for advise. Don't mind we come on road. Likewise, all period finished. Students also start to return their houses. They come out from campus but they don't reach at the proper time to room. Love is the main reason or it's play vital role in this situation. They waste time by talking nonsenses things.
  Some students will not go campus . They should have to go temple or romantic places. When exam is near ,they know  their aim but that's not important. In government sector     colleges are more open than private sector. If two students fight each other. That fight also added in Politics and take big problem. There is written .............allowed ........not allowed, notice board but no-one care that rule. Dress is not confirmed therefore all are models. They are showing fashion. Teacher taught in classroom but students are out of the classroom. They haven't given attraction to study.But they are attractive through girls/boys. They see who is looking good, some student takes photo from their mobile. Those who smoke, drink, play negative role they are loved by others. But those who aren't related to negative senses they can't make friends. Why?
       From this behaviour whose aim is losing they should have to know and realize please please ......................

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