Sunday, May 19, 2013

Smile and be smile

Earth, where you can get all things. So please do not hate/angry with any creatures. Give smile and be smile for all things. Which are just literature. So, don't forget that things in all period second we/i/you have to dance here. It's also changeable like our life. Some point/period  child, young, youth, old. It's same it's not any ballgame. Please smile and welcome present/future but do not forget to give thanks for past period.

Life is neither short nor long. Those creatures things which life is relax able, interesting, happy they want long life. But those whose/which have sorrow, sad, tension, tragedy they think life is long.

In this word, I say that which person will cut his /her neck when she/he knows one day she/he has to die.

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